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Clarissa Mae Yoga

Clarissa Mae Yoga

Rock Island, United States · 11 items

Flip Grip Tutorial

Flipping your grip to work on the most advanced versions of postures is something many people would love to do. I myself wanted to learn how to do this for a long time before my body was ready or even understood how to go about it.

This tutorial is designed to help you warm up the areas of the body that need to be open for the flip to happen successfully and safely. For many people long hours at computers, in cars with shoulders forward and upper back rounded mean it will take longer for the body to open up for the flip to be possible.

I like to use pigeon pose as the entry point for this as I think it provides the most stability when learning this pattern of movement. There are of course other postures which utilize this pattern of movement and some may come easier to you, but this is a good place to start I find and then the pattern becomes more clear in other postures. Please be gentle with your body when doing this and refer to both the video and image tutorial for additional stretches!

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